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Bandhavgarh National Park- An experience worth experiencing

Bandhavgarh Monsoon Forests – Hunting Field Turning into a Place of Recreation!

Shikargah of Kings Has Become an Aaramgah for Lovers!

The monsoon forests of Bandhavgarh are fascinating the humankind since 2000 years now. It is a land of mystery and mystic for everyone. Nature lovers, historians, adventure lovers and honeymooners – all love this oasis of tranquility located right in between a monsoon forest. During three phases of history, the vicinity of Bandhavgarh fort, the monsoon forest, and the caves acquired new roles for the residents and persons visiting this place. The footprints of history and the concurrent blessings of nature made it an amazing place for the touristic activity.

Prowling Tigers and Hidden Pleasures

Step into one of the jungle lodges in Bandhavgarh and the beauty of these luxurious adobes will mesmerize you. Now, you might be thinking that what is the special deal; this deal is special because either you are checking in right next to Bandhavgarh tiger resort or you are already in the buffer zone of a declared national park where rest of the things are quite and calm. You can also check into any of the Jungle resorts in Bandhavgarh park; most of these resorts will also justify our slogan where we said “Prowling tigers and hidden pleasures.”

Once a “Hunter’s Paradise,” Now Became a “Garden for Love Hunting Games”

During the medieval days and British Raj days, the area of Bandhavgarh was quite famous among the kings and British officers, who were seeking pleasures in the game of tiger hunting. Things changed after independence when tiger became an endangered species. The area around the monsoon forest of Bandhavgarh became a national park and Government authorities invested heavily in the area to protect wildlife. This is why, when you will search out for the best accommodation in Bandhavgarh, then you will find some amazing and affordable accommodations with a touch of royal treatment. You will never feel a shortage of adrenal rush when you are in Bandhavgarh. The reason is quite simple – during the day, it is the adventure of meeting with a tiger that will keep you on a high; and during the evenings, it is your personal and luxurious love nest that will roll the desires of consummating it amidst the grasslands right beneath the lines of Mahua trees.

What You Can Look Forward to, Here!

  • Bandhavgarh Camp
  • Jungle Resorts in Bandhavgarh Park
  • Hotel Tiger Safari Resort
  • Luxury Lodges in Bandhavgarh
  • Yoga and Meditation Bandhavgarh

They Took This Word, ‘Love-Nest’ a Little Too Seriously!

When you search a lodge for Bandhavgarh, make sure that you are accommodating this word, ‘nest’ into your searches. Many lodges have developed rooms inside the lodges, which are designed on the lines of the nest. It means trees and grassland, right amidst this cover surround you, you have a red-hot cozy space where you can hear the sound of wilderness and wilderness can hear your love sounds clear.

When a place has an active history of 2000 years backing it up then an epic can be written about it. Bandhavgarh is like a river stream where colors of the rainbow are flowing, the current compilation is concerned with the red-hot color of passion, adrenal rush, and love in the wild! On a parting note, we are welcoming you to this Aaramgaah, where you can hunt for some loving moments of a lifetime.