Planning a Bandhavgarh National Park Tour

Everyone knows about the famous tiger reserve at Bandhavgarh. So many people want to explore the Bandhavgarh national park. Many tourist companies offer various packages to book a tour of the national park. Here, we have shared all the information which is important to you before planning the tour. Entry to the park is a small village of Tala. At Tala, you can plan your stay.

Here, you will come across the number of lodges, resorts, hotels, and dhabha. For more guidance, you can contact the local tour guides or owner of lodges or resorts. Now there are three more zones from where you can get the entry like Magadhi, Khitauli, and Panpatha. Tali and Magadhi entrance are open from oct to February while Khitauli and panpatha tour is open throughout the year.

Best means of accommodation to reach Bandhavgarh
To plan a budget of your tour you need to know various means to reach there. If you are planning your trip by road then book a Scorpio or Innova for the rough routes of Madhya Pradesh. People also plan a Khajuraho trip which is 5 hours drive away from the national park. We would suggest taking a train to visit there. The nearest railhead is Umaira which is 45 minutes’ drive away from Tala. The common train from Delhi is Kalinga utkal express. Or you can also take the commercial flight to Jabalpur which 165km away from Tala.

Depending on the weather situation you have to check before making a tour plan, that which time is suitable for the booking. Plan a tour when entry of the park is open. Avoid Bandhavgarh visit on weekends or some holidays as due to VIP booking you might not get to visit the park. the preferable time is to plan a tour between February – June.

Planning a tour package
The best Bandhavgarh National Park Tour package is that which includes everything from resorts, lodges, sightseeing arrangements and accommodation. Tourist has to visit the park early in the morning due to the booking rush. Jeep safaris are most preferred tour which is booked to cover large areas of the park. Drivers and guide tour share good information the surrounding areas.

You can also book elephant safari to have tiger view experience. You have to spend on average Rs 600 per person to have an adventurous ride on the elephant. In this safari tour, you will definitely spot the tiger and other wild animals. You must try elephant safari to have a good experience. If you are lucky, you will also spot cheetah, blue antelope, sambar and bird species. The park entrance fees are around Rs 2000

It is going to be an amazing experience. Don’t miss the other tourist destination near the park like Bhamera Dam, Panpatha wildlife sanctuary, Bandhavgarh Fort, SheshSaiya etc. Three to four days trip is sufficient to explore Bandhavgarh regions. It is worth planning an adventure and a relaxing trip to Bandhavgarh.

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