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A choice you would love to opt, ‘Satvik food’

Our body is aftereffect of the food we eat. The adventure of food in a man begins from womb of a mother. Each pregnant mother is encouraged to eat nutritious and healthy food for the best possible improvement for the child amid pregnancy. Consequently, the hereditary composition of a person begins. Along these lines when a mother gives birth to a child he weighs only a couple of kilograms, however as he develops, his eating regimen increases and he turns into a grown-up. In the whole procedure of development, he is eating. We can say our body is an aftereffect of the food we eat.

When we look at from when we were conceived and now, simply see the difference in your body is only a stack of nourishment. Assume we relate this supper to memory, we are making a structure of a memory. The structure is a result of a memory; we call it genes. For instance, when we eat a banana in the afternoon, this changes into our body. It implies the presence of banana is no more as it has been processed, so the memory of banana has been deleted and there was knowledge in us which overwrote it, we call it memory.

As indicated by Indian tradition, the food was the only source that nourished the body, as well as considered for managing the essential life force of “prana” which counteracts and treats diseases, revives and strengthens the body. Henceforth, Satvik food provides an easy digestion process and keeps the body healthy.

You can enjoy ‘Satvik’ food at our various feasting venues. Take your pick from our nutritionally balanced wholesome dinners, crisp organic product juices and smoothies.

It’s the ideal backup for your body as you spend your days nourishing your spirit.