Bandhavgarh Adventure Tips For Wildlife Viewing

Bandhavgarh is the paradise for travelers who want to escape for a while for an adventurous experience. The main attractions of the area are Bengal Tiger, white tiger, leopards, and species of deer and bird species. As per the recent reports, the area contains 22 species of mammals and 250 bird species.

Some of them are Langurs, sloth bear, grey mongoose, striped hyena, sambar, wild pigs, Chinkara, palm squirrel and much more. This is going to be an amazing destination for the people who are fond of animals and adventure. You can get into the park either by vehicle or by elephant ride. The tourist takes a jeep safari in the morning to get a glimpse of these animals. A forest department guide will accompany you throughout the tour. To have Bandhavgarh adventure the elephant ride is also taken in the morning to spot the tiger.

Important instructions to be followed while viewing the wildlife of Bandhavgarh
To get a closer view of this dense forest one need to follow safety instructions. One of the good factors is that you can get a closer look at these animals; all you need to do is to stay quiet and avoid any movement. The suggested timing to view them is around 10 am or from 4 pm to dusk. Most of the animals are found active at these timings. You cannot avoid the forest department guide, as he will always be there to guide you and gave all safety instructions. If you are daring to view tiger then prefer elephant safaris.

Pay attention to the instruction for safe and comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing bright color clothes as they attract the animals. You can prefer wearing a camouflage color while touring the area. No movement or activity is allowed during the safari tours as it distracts the animals. Avoid carrying over luggage. Only carry necessary items with you like water, first aid ailment etc.

It is obvious that tourists are attracted to wildlife photography in Bandhavgarh Park. There is some guidance you need to follow while clicking the special moments. Do not use sound or flash in your device as it will disturb the animal. Be patient to observe them and you can also record their activities in your camera. Be active throughout the tour, as you will get a view of birds along with wild animals. There is no need to light the campfire in the forest, as it might lead to an accidental forest fire.

Bandhavgarh is the center of attraction for tourist who wants to rejuvenate themselves with nature and wildlife. The forest region is also known as Sal forest as it has bamboo stretches in the lower slope. You cannot skip avoiding the natural beauty of vegetation species, trees, and huge grassland. Apart from the wildlife, you will get fascinated with a scenic ambiance like rivers, perennial streams and rivulets stretch across the zones. You can book your memorable holiday from any tourist company who offer wildlife tour packages for Bandhavgarh.

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