All You Need to Know About Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari and Other Attractions

Bandhavgarh national park is spread over 450 sq km in Madhya Pradesh. The place is famous for the popular hunting ground during the times of Maharaja of Rewa. This hunting ground was later taken over by the government for tiger reserve. The park has the most dense population of tiger in India. Here, people come to spot tigers and to visit the famous ancient fort at Bandhavgarh. These two are the main attraction of this place.

This national park is the home for many animals
• Royal Bengal tiger
• Leopards,
• Jackals
• Sloth Bear
• Chinkara
• Langoors
• Spotted Deer
• Nilgai

If you are planning for tiger safari, this place is the best. The area is divided into three regions
• Tala
• Maghdi
• Khitauli

The jungle is covered with the beautiful dense Sal, bamboo vegetation and grassland on hills. The open-air jeeps are used for the great adventure to explore animals and birds. It is worth to have this thrilling experience. One has to book the early safari to spot the big cat or you can also book it in the afternoon. Early morning and the noon are the best time to experience animal activities.

Besides exploring wildlife, one can also visit the Bandhavgarh fort at the center of the park. This fort is around 2000 years old and very famous in Hindu history. Another important place is to visit the statue of Lord Vishnu which

 is 65 feet long on seven-headed serpent SheshNaag. At the foot of the statue, there is Charan Ganga where elephant takes bath in the morning. While you are on the safari tour you will get to experience all this along the way.

Peak time to visit the park
The peak time to visit the park is from October to March or to spot tigers you can make plans in April and May. The thick forest at Bandhavgarh makes the place cooler even at summers.

Few tips for tiger safari
• To view the tiger show and to have a closer look at the wild animal, it is preferable to book Bandhavgarh tiger safari. You can easily spot tiger from getting the elephant safari ride.
• For a true wildlife experience books a resort at the center of the park so that you can spot animal from your balcony.
• The last important thing is to book a tourist guide or stay at a resort. You will get to experience the bonfire and will get to know the history of these wild animals.
• Don’t take a personal vehicle only open-air jeeps and safari will increase the chances of spotting animals.
• Always a hire a guide or jeep drivers for these tours as they are more experienced and share good tales which will entertain throughout the tour.

The important thing about this place is that all the booking should be done in advance. Everything is under the forest control, very few jeeps are allowed for the entry in the park, so pre-booking is important. In heavy tourist season, pre-bookings are mandatory.
         “Keep calm and patience to view wilds animals as it might take few hours to spot the wildcat.”

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