All you need to know about Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh is situated in the village of Tala near the district of Umaira in Madhya Pradesh. Bandhavgarh national park attracts tourist from all over the world. It is popular for the highest density of famous Bengal tigers. It is the best place to spot royal tigers of Bengal. Here you can enjoy amazing wildlife sightseeing, bagel museum, Bandhavgarh Fort and safari tours. The jungle comprises of sal and bamboo trees.

How to reach there? The closest railway station is at Umairah which 37 km away from Tala village. You can also drop at Katni junction which is 100 km drive away from Bandhavgarh. You can enter the park through three gates Tala, Khitauli, and Mugdhi.
The nearest airport is at Jabalpur which is 190 km away from Tala village. You can also get down at Nagpur airport which 480 km away. Everything is dependent on the location, convenience and budget.

Best time to visit the park

The park is open for the visitor from 15th October to 30th June. The peak season for tourist is during winter from October to March.

Places to visit

Bandhavgarh hill

The hill has provided tiger reserve with his name. At the top of the hill, you can visit the Bandhavgarh fort. It is located at the centre of the park surrounded by the valley.

Elephant Safari

The tourist can take elephant safari from the park and can spot 22 species of mammal and 250 species of birds. You can view the flora of the park including Sal, Saja, dhauda, tendu, and others.

Panpatha wildlife sanctuary

To reach there, you need to obtain prior information from the forest department. This place has got several species of flora and fauna and the main attraction is spotting the tiger.

Bhamera Dam

This is a huge water bank at the neighbouring Panpattha sanctuary. You can spot water bird and admire the natural beauty.

Tala Village

It is one of the beautiful attractions of Bandhavgarh. Most of the resorts and hotels are located here. You can stay here and can admire the natural landscape.


SheshSaiya is an idol of Lord Vishnu. You will see the seven-hooded serpent sheshnaga. This place is visited by many devotees.
One cannot miss this place, it is worth to visit. Apart from this, many photographers visit this place to flaunt their photographic skills.